SIMEE approaches every construction management project with the goal of becoming a trusted partner to our clients. From initial project planning through completion we are the owner’s primary point of contact. We advise our clients in every aspect of construction and assist them in making critical decisions that have impact on the overall success of their project.

With a comprehensive list of resources and over five decades of experience and knowledge, SIMEE is a true builder. We are able to provide owners with more efficient designs, lower project costs, decreased construction schedules, and higher quality buildings. We accomplish this by getting involved early in the process, understanding the owner’s goals and expectations, paying attention to detail, and working closely as a team with all project participants: including owners, architects, engineers, and contractors.

Works included: Civil, MEP, and Architecture.


Simee has been working with Interior Decorators from Italy, Lebanon, Spain, USA, UK. The field of the interior decoration goes from Classic to the modern style passing by oriental design. Our interior works fulfill all the requirements from palaces, hotels, restaurants, and clubs.


AL-MARAYA is an amalgam of architectural and design understanding, experience and technology, bonded, by aspiration of providing quality, to the ever growing construction boom of the Middle East, and particularly the UAE. Our experience is in the cultivation of SIMEE Group, which has been serving the aesthetic valued Gulf market for the past 40 years.

Al Maraya specializes in designing, processing and installation of all natural and artificial stone.


With more than 30 years of experience, gypsum works is one of the backbone services provided by Simee.

Cast gypsum, GRG, false ceilings are among the many types of work that Simee provides. With a factory and the expertise behind us, no design is too difficult to accomplish and complete.

For Decorative Paint, we also specialize in gold & silver gilding, as well as various faux painting such as marbleizing.


High-quality materials imported from all over the world are used in the joinery production. A myriad of combinations are available for interior applications, which testify to the professionalism and expertise of our craftsmen and artisans.

With our special machinery and knowledge, each specification is carefully studied to extract the data, sequence and layouts, which best satisfy the visual and aesthetic effects desired for the project in hand. Working with the designer, samples and layouts are scrutinized to ensure that the planned results are achieved.


Simee answers the request of the market in terms of waterjet, CNC, and laser cutting to go with the given design by interior decorators and architects.


From the Classical, Oriental to the Modern style. Simee answers the taste and recommendation of clients.